The Impact of China

In 2006 my close collaborator (Mike Morris) and I organised a meeting with the research directors of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) in Nairobi. We sought to acquaint them with the emerging results of a globally-networked research programme at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University which was examining the impact of China on the developing world. Mike and I were both South Africans – the receiving research directors were both Nigerians and their initial response was that the destructive elephant in Africa’s room was not China, but South Africa! It did not take long for the AERC to recognise the historical significance of China’s rise as one of the global hegemonic economies.

This led to an extensive multi-year research and policy-building programme undertaken with the African Economic Research Consortium between 2005 and 2016. It developed a taxonomy for analysing the ‘impact’ of China (direct/indirect and complementary/competitive impacts) and led to a major research programme with extensive training of policy makers and researchers across East, Central and West Africa. One of the key outcomes was the recognition that framing the enquiry as the ‘impact of China’ abstracted from political and economic agency within Africa. African stakeholders were deeply involved and often were the primary drivers in the growing links between China and Africa.

During this period of research (when I was working at the Open University) I was also involved in a large collaborative programme on the structural break in the commodities-manufactures terms of trade and how African economies could use the opportunity of rising commodity prices to build backward and forward linkages to the domestic economy.

In the list of publications below I highlight what I consider to be my significant contributions to this agenda.


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